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Social Responsibility

Thank you for considering the use of MD Shield masks.  These masks are designed to fully cover your mouth and nose while also allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time.  Please see below for the latest information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding “Important Information About Your Cloth Face Coverings”

Made in USA Logo We use 100% domestic materials and manufacturing resources
Recycle Logo The use of antiviral-fabric washable and reusable MD Mask face coverings helps protect your local environment from the unnecessary disposal and accumulation of discarded biohazard waste
Nurses thumbs up MD Mask antiviral fabric masks are being used in healthcare centers and by first-responders across the country

MD Mask Advantages Diagram

  • Your use of MD Shield products supports healthcare personnel and first-responders by preserving their limited and specialized PPE supplies, while our MD Mask product provides you immediate access to an antiviral-fabric high quality face covering.
  • 10% of all retail proceeds go to support the distribution of more masks to healthcare personnel, first-responders and vulnerable populations.  Help us identify those in need and support the cause!  Please visit: Move the Needle
  • Save money!  Over six-months (180-days) of use, an MD Mask can save you $158.20 over using disposable single-use face masks (see table below) 

MD Mask Const Advantages Table 

CDC Guidelines Chart