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About Us

MD Shield™ Task Force (MSTF) began in February 2020 as a rapid-response to the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. A team of diverse experts in healthcare, engineering, garment design, manufacturing and research, led by Pablo R. Perillan MD, PhD and Andrew R. Bond began identifying and organizing domestic production capacity for generating best-in-class reusable antiviral-fabric based masks.

In March of 2020 the MD Shield™ Task Force introduced our first copper-based antiviral-fabric model called the “Maryland Mask” with four modular ties. After multiple design-revisions and testing at leading healthcare institutions across the country we simplified and improved the comfort and fit of the mask and in April we delivered our first commercial version of an antiviral-fabric based face mask called the MD Mask™

 MD Mask Evolution

In April and May we delivered and donated over 70,000 MD Mask™ and other MD Shield™ antiviral-fabric and antimicrobial based reusable masks to healthcare and first responders across the country. Now you can purchase the same reusable masks to protect your family and loved ones (MD Mask Classic Copper).

Our commitment to you is that the MD Shield™ team will continue to innovate on product design to ensure that we provide you with the best and most reliable personal protection products that we can produce.

Thank you for your continued support and please be aware that 10% of all MSTF proceeds go directly towards supporting the distribution of free PPEs for the healthcare institutions and first responders (Move the Needle Foundation).



Pablo Perillan MD, PhD - MD Shield™ Co-Founder and Task Force Healthcare Lead

Dr. Pablo R. Perillan MD, PhD brings over 20 years of project management plus a decade of successful government contracting experience to the MD Shield™ Task Force (MSTF). Prior to launching the MD Shield™ COVID-19 response task force, Dr. Perillan co-founded several successful companies with Andrew R. Bond in the areas of electronic healthcare records, high-performance computing, online security, and novel device prototyping. Companies in the commercial sector where Dr. Perillan is currently playing an active role include, Medicos Consultants, LLC [] and SafeHarbor Online []. In addition to his commercial sector work Dr. Perillan has led contracting work for the U.S. Government and was the principal manager of a prime open-bid contractor on multiple 5-year awards with the NIH on HHS interagency work initially funded by the FDA. This complex and challenging interagency work involved the supply chain management of over 60 companies and organizations and led to the successful delivery of the Nation’s first freely available prescription imaging reference database which has been used by over 6 million NIH/HHS patrons and by every major healthcare institution in the country. Prior to founding his first company, Pablo completed an MD/PhD program at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and while working for the Department of Neurosurgery his research work and clinical interests in traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury help lead to the discovery and characterization of novel ion-channels which have become the clinical targets of several successful therapeutic treatments for stroke and other neurologic conditions, now being commercialized by Biogen Pharmaceuticals. Prior to medical school Pablo completed an electrical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and worked as an engineer at Ford Motor Company, GE Aerospace and for Westinghouse’s Seawolf-class Submarine Program.


Andrew Bond - MD Shield™ Co-Founder and Task Force Engineering Lead

Mr. Andrew R. Bond co-founder and CTO of Medicos Consultants, LLC [] and SafeHarbor Online [] and he is also the founder of Beyond Reality Software, Ltd. (UK). Over the past twenty years, Mr. Bond has served as a CTO at several companies co-founded and led by Dr. Perillan. Andrew has consistently delivered on large scale high-pressure projects with commercial and federal agency clients. For the MD Shield™ Task Force (MSTF), Mr. Bond has quickly helped select and integrate a team of manufacturers, engineers, materials research experts, suppliers and vendors to help lead the design, development and manufacture of the next-generation MD Shield™ products. Mr. Bond along with Dr. Perillan co-leads the teams responsible for the rapid development and iteration cycles as the task force rolls forward our MD Mask™ line of reusable antiviral-fabric based protective equipment.